Things We Can Do Together
  • Concultation With Me(Baby Office)
    Ever month periodically limited quota
    Individual to seminars / workshops
    You can join.
  • Detox in the City(Packets)
    Currently there is no possibility to get
    our of Istanbgul / even from the workplace
    can not move! I really need yo detox...
  • Camps(Detox Away From The City)
    Pre-summer the get rid of toxins lightened the new season, rejuvenated an opportunity to meet and the Detox miracle…
  • Corporate Seminars(Company Employees)
    Whether you are 10 people or 1000 people,would you like your team & colleaquest at work to be more healthy and  energetic?
Tv Programs
Tv Programs
E-Bulten Blok
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