Becoming Raw, Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina

Becoming Raw, Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina

The raw food movement is gaining in popularity. Claims of amazing cures, spectacular weight loss, and increased energy and vitality have fueled interest…and concern.

In Becoming Raw, two world renowned dietitians, Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina, took on the challenge of separating fact from fiction and dispelling common myths that surround raw vegan diets. They contacted experts who are often quoted but rarely questioned, searched current scientific journals and manuscripts from the past for answers that stand up to scrutiny. They examined research on nutritional issues related to raw foods from peer-reviewed medical literature.

They found science-based answers to tough questions surrounding raw vegan diets, including:
Can you get enough protein by mainly by eating friut.

How do you get adequate B12, iron, and calcium?
Are raw diets too high in fat?
Do enzymes in raw foods really contribute to human health?
Can cancer and other chronic diseases be prevented by eating a raw vegan diet?
Does cooking destroy nutrients?

Is cooking necessary for food safety?

Davis and Melina help readers to design a raw or high-raw vegan diet that is nutritionally safe and adequate. The book provides health professionals with a scientifically sound book that is referenced throughout. At the same time, it makes fascinating reading! Davis and Melina show how to meet recommended intakes for every nutrient, provide nutrition guidelines and menus, and include a section of recipes (complete with nutritional analysis) selected on the basis of nutritional value, simplicity, and flavor.

And for the first time, food historian Rynn Berry presents a coherent, objective narrative tracing the history of the raw-food movement in the United States. His website is

Completely referenced, Becoming Raw is the essential guide to raw vegan diets.

Brenda Davis
Past chair of the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association, Brenda has worked as a public health nutritionist, clinical nutrition specialist, nutrition consultant, and academic nutrition instructor. She is currently the lead dietitian in a diabetes intervention research project in Majuro, Marshall Islands.
Also co-authored: The Raw Food Revolution Diet (2008), New Becoming Vegetarian (2003)Becoming Vegan (2001), and Defeating Diabetes (2003).

Vesanto Melina
Coauthor of Dietitians of Canada and the American Dietetic Association’s position paper on vegetarian diets, Vesanto is a consultant to the Government of British Columbia. She has also taught nutrition at the University of British Columbia and at Seattle’s Bastyr University.
Also co-authored: The Raw Food Revolution Diet (2008), The Food Allergy Survival Guide(2004), New Becoming Vegetarian (2003), Raising Vegetarian Children (2003) andBecoming Vegan (2001).

Rynn Berry
The historical advisor to the North American Vegetarian Society, Rynn is the author of several books on vegetarian food history. He has also written numerous articles on the subject for the Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink.

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October 16, 2019
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