Blood Test or Blood Image?

Blood Test or Blood Image?

Hello again,

“USA Today” in America published a very interesting research involving 210 patient who had damaged arteries. The things done in this research are briefly;

Half of the patients were given pictures of their damaged arteries which were determined to be thickened, and they were asked to carry these pictures in their wallets, fix another copy on the refrigerator. The patients who had taken the pictures did more exercise, lost more weight and much more of them gave up smoking compared with the other patients who hadn’t taken any picture.

After 6 months:

  • 60 people started doing sports in the group with the picture, 34 people in the other
  • 11 people quitted smoking in the group with the picture, 1 person in the other
  • While the weight-loss average was 8 kilograms in the group with the picture, it remained 3,5 kilograms in the other
  • Significant cholesterol lowering was located in the group with the picture.

After one year, statistically, it was observed that the recovery of the thickness and the damage in the arteries of the first group seriously got ahead of the second group.

Doctors and health experts are trying to attract the attention of people to get them healthier. All of us are having different blood tests. Most of the time we forget the units, which our doctors explain us, after a small while. On the other hand visual presentations about our condition are always much effective.

The first picture attached is the first Live Blood Test of one of our patient who was at the stage of decision making. After seeing that picture, he carried out a course of purification; in two weeks he lost 13.6 kilograms in a healthy way, quitted smoking which he used to smoke two packs daily. Then he took the second Live Blood Test of which you can see the attached picture of the result. Obviously it is not much possible to forget such images!

Come and have your Live Blood Test. Then we will talk what you have to do for a healthier blood and body. I believe that the picture you wish to carry in your wallet is the picture of your clean blood in your second test which you will get after a small while after deciding to live healthier and take some steps on that way…

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October 16, 2019
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