40 Days and 40 Nights

40 Days and 40 Nights

They say 40 days of period is very holistic and has a powerful effect.

Wedding celebrations for 40 days…
All the prophets are fasting for 40 days…
Postpartum is a 40 days period…


These are the first things came to my mind. At the end of 30th day, I felt %100 Raw is very easy, I really got used to it so I thought “I can do it extra 10 days more and complete a 40 days program”. And I did so. And as a person on her 40th day my message to all is “Believe me it is veeeery easy and anyone can do it!”

I thought first I should answer the most frequently asked 40 questions while I was going Raw. But I even hardly find time to write this article! Therefore I decided to write down the questions and invite you to D-Life, to answer them together while drinking a herbal tea. You are all invited; we can even eat %100 Raw ice cream at Saf!

By the way, it was “World Diabetes Day” yesterday. It is spent 174 million dollars!! to cure diabetes last year, only in US. If you check http://www.tinyurl.com/rawfor30days, you can read amazing things on curing diabetes by only eating %100 Raw for 30 days. Or you can try it for yourself. (Take a look to my other articles at blog on how I decided to go raw for 30 days after I watched a documentary on diabetes patients who has stopped having insulin shots after only eating raw for a month and how I have a great faith in raw foods as a medicine to cure body.)

During my raw period the 20 questions asked out of 40 were “Where shall I get my protein then?” and the other 10 were “if I don’t consume dairy products, where shall I get calcium from?” So I will write here the final 10 questions left.

Well, actually while doing a raw food diet, you will realize the most difficult part is explaining people that this is not an unhealthy thing to do, the real problem is eating much not less and how good and energetic you are feeling! If you don’t want to look like an alien to others who have high cholesterol or having digestive problems at least; and want to refuse the treats kindly, the best thing to do is saying to waiter “Bring all the greens you have, I ate too much kebab last week, now I crave veggies!”. But if you ask my opinion, don’t really bother and tell everyone what you are doing instead of hiding so they would also benefit. Or you can tell people how “trendy” is eating raw, many Hollywood stars are eating raw and the book called “Skinny Bitch” which Victoria Beckham has been seen reading is all about raw eating. As you know, these days’ being trendy is more “in” than being healthy. (This explains why people are very brave to do botox while worrying about detox)

Here are the some popular questions on Raw Eating:

1- Can you eat “raw meat balls” while eating raw?
OK, It sounds very raw, but it is meat. No animal proteins in raw eating. If you find raw vegetable balls than you can have it. Nothing should be cooked!
2- Can I loose weight during raw eating?
If you have an excess weight, than a big “YES”. Especially if your regular diet includes meat, dairy products, complex carbohydrates and deserts made with white sugar. If you eat deep fries, drink acidic beverages, with eating Raw, you will loose weight and feel more healthy and vibrant.
3- What if I don’t want to loose weight?
Hope this is the only problem you have… Binch on almonds, walnuts, that’s it.
4-Will I experience digestive problems during this diet?
5-Would eating Raw be good for my allergies?
6- May I keep on taking my vitamins?
7- Are there specific nutritional supplement I should take while going Raw?
8- Where can I get my food?
9- I am very healthy, does it really make sense eating %100 Raw for 30 days?
10- I have this, that sickness, can I eat Raw?

Also many people asked “What are you going to eat on your 41st day? I never thought about it. That day I was in Mersin, visiting my family. The first cooked food I ate was mom’s Cyprus style famous olive bread; and walnut, pepper bread common in Cukurova region. The next day I was raw again. This is like a habit, you want to keep doing it.

And if you ask me what I felt during these 40 days throughout my body, my answer would be “incredible lightness, comfort and an infinite energy”. Plus a very sharp mind and a positive mood. Also during this period I did few Live Blood Analysis tests and I saw my perfect and in shape red blood cells. That was the moment I said “This is it!” I will talk about this analysis or let’s say “modern blood fortune telling” in my next article. If you didn’t see your blood cells on the screen before, you should try it, it is very fascinating.

Hope may all experience this eating %100 Raw one day..

Gül Kaynak


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October 16, 2019
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