How Many Litres of Water Did You Drink Today?

How Many Litres of Water Did You Drink Today?

Are you amongst the people who are chronically dehydrated, in other words not drinking 2 liters of water which is suggested by health-care experts?

Unfortunately, nowadays, majority of people consume averagely less than 1 liter of liquid and most of this is acidic drinks, tea, coffee and juices which, in fact, steals the water from the body. In a survey held in Cornell Medical Nutrition Center in U.S.A. 10% of the participants stated that they do not drink  any water during the day.

An healthy person’s weight should consist 75% of water.  83% of our brain and kidneys, 86% of our lungs, 75% of our muscles and heart, and 95% of our eyes are consist of water. Even 22% of our bones is water. If we do not consume enough water – which most of us don’t – or consume unhealthy drinks, we put our health into risk.

In average a person loses 2,5-3 liters water by sweating, urination, moving, even sleeping everyday and the body still tries to function without enough water if this amount of water is not replaced.

Drinking insufficient amount of water will cause chronic fatigue. The main reason of feeling tired during the day is the lack of water. We can’t feel energetic without enough water. A recent research shows that a 3% decrease of  our body’s water ratio causes 10% loss of the muscle power, %8 of loss in the speed and lower the stamina.

When there is 4% of water loss, we feel dizzy and 30% of our physical power capacity is lost. Losing a little bit more water causes numbness, concentration loss and head aches.

Thirst brings thinking disorder, short-term memory loss, difficulties in expressing ourselves verbally and cause focusing problems. The fact we can say memory weakness is related directly to consuming insufficient water.

This list drags on as dizziness, cold hands and feet, aggression, depression, sugar cravings, cramps, heartburn, constipation, migraine, joint and back aches… Long term chronic thirst is one of the reasons of more serious diseases as obesity, heart diseases and cancer. If we lose 15-20% of our body water, our life will be endangered directly. Simply; lack of water may kill us.

On the other hand how much we take care of our health is questionable. When I went to San Diego to get PH Miracle education from Dr. Robert Young, who wrote the book “The PH Miracle for Weight Loss”, the first thing he told us was: “In fact my book’s name was going to be “PH Miracle in Health”, but my editor said that most of the people were more interested in getting thinner than getting healthier. So we changed the name of the book.” And it was a big success.

“You can never be too thin or too rich.” is sad, but clearly explains the problem why humanity cannot be satisfied somehow nowadays.

Then let’s play by the rule. The less we drink water the fatter we get. It is that simple. Even a slight decrease in water of our body, slows our metabolism by 3%. We are so blind at seeing the signs of dehydration. We eat when we are thirsty. If we do not drink water enough, we eat more than we need. Besides if we do not get enough water, we feel bloated and uncomfortable, even we look fatter than we are. The easiest way to get rid of the edema  (toxic water in the body) is to drink more water.

An acidic body holds fat. Our body uses water for neutralizing acids, getting rid of toxins through urine, sweat and intestine. If we do not drink enough water, our body becomes too acidic and starts stocking fat.

German researchers proved that drinking water increases calorie burning rate. Even drinking 2 glasses of water a day, increases the metabolic ratio by 3 points. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, in which these findings were published, tells that the extra 1,5 liter of water we drink daily, burns 17,400 calorie in a year; in other words precise 2,5 kilograms.

We know that we can resist hunger for 30 days, but 72 hours of thirst causes death. Our body’s usage of water in cold weathers is equal to hot weathers, the rate of usage while sleeping is equal to times we are sleeping.

After all these information, lets drink a glass of water now and keep on drinking lots of water during the day. The common belief “If I drink too much water, my kidneys will be exhausted…” is not true. In fact drinking enough water is playing an important role at preventing kidney stones.

Now we know the importance of drinking water and aimed to drink at least 2,5-3 liters of water in a day, which is a good start.

Next, is every water the right one?

With love

gul kaynak


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October 16, 2019
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