Spring Detox

Spring Detox

The winter was too long this year; we all missed the sunlight. Then the temperature started to rise with the fall of cemres*, and the most beautiful season showed her face: The Spring!
Spring is the best season for the body’s cleaning process. The cells are rejuvenated easily and the metabolism starts to accelerate after the long winter months, speeding up the purification process.
With the sweet smell of spring energizing the air, the twitter of birds and the wakening of Mother nature all around us, these are the best months to put our thick winter clothes into storage, replenish our skin and put ourselves back into harmony with the earth. One of the best ways to do this is to visit a detox center and walk barefoot on soil to dispel negative energy. Not only will you feel lighter, you will also lose a few kilos before beach season as well. Who would say no to an opportunity to replenish your body and soul?
But whether you choose to visit a detox center or not, you can start your spring detox and feel nature’s spring energy inside your system from anywhere by following a few simple

Increase water intake: While many find it hard to drink enough water during winter, spring is the ideal time to increase your daily water intake to a minimum of 3 liters. This will immediately increase your energy and start the purification process, so make your water bottle your new best friend.

Increase vegetable‐fruit intake and reduce heavy carbohydrate and animal protein intake: Its also very difficult to resist carbohydrates during the cold winter months away from the sun, but spring is the time to fill your diet with vegetables and fruits. The more raw and organic, the better your body will respond.

Replace coffee/tea with freshly squeezed fruit/vegetable juices: As the temperatures increase outside, the need to drink hot beverages will decrease and make it easier for you to enhance your springtime cleansing therapy with vitamin‐ and mineral‐rich fruit and vegetable juices.

Get a rub and scrub: A rub‐and‐scrub bath is the best way to clear dead skin cells, dust and cosmetics from clogged pores. Allowing our skin to breathe, is another ideal way to welcome our bodies to spring detox.

Cleanse your bowels: To fully maximize your energy with the on‐set of spring, your inner body must be cleaned out and tuned in as well.

Let your feet free: After being trapped inside heavy boots all winter long, our feet also need a nice welcome to spring treatment, followed by a dreamy reflexology massage. If even for 30 minutes each day, walking barefoot on soil helps to dispel energy and will also make you feel good. This is what spring detox is all about, returning to our most natural state: barefoot!

Exercise in open air: Thick coats, snow and cold weather are gone, leaving no more excuses not to exercise. Consider yoga, a walk in nature’s blossoming spring flowers or even a few simple daily‐stretching exercises … as long as it keeps your body active every day. As the Turkish idiom goes, “Where there is activity, there is fertility…”

Treat yourself to a detox center: At the end of the day, it’s always better to seek the experts for the most effective spring cleanse. Treating yourself to a detox center to get rid of oedema and unwanted winter fat, means losing as much as 4 to 6 kilos a week and fully rejuvenating yourself with a thorough inner/outer body cleansing program. When you put yourself in the hands of professionals, all you have to do is enjoy plenty of delicious fresh fruit and vegetable juices and surrender to the healing hands of therapists.

*Cemre: In ancient Anatolian mythology, three radiations of heat which supposedly fall in succession from the sun into air, water, and earth in February and March.

Gül Kaynak


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October 16, 2019
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