Stop Cancer Today!

Stop Cancer Today!

Cancer doesn’t care about your age or social status, but can you say the same thing when making lifestyle choices determining whether how well you live or how soon you die? Do we always make the best choices for ourselves? Even if our intentions are to choose the right path, are we going about it the correct way?
In today’s world, we already have no choice but to breathe engine fumes every day, expose ourselves to electronic pollution, spend our days working inside big metal boxes and fly to our vacation spots in machines built in lieu of us not having wings. Unless we want to abandon modern life and go live on an isolated mountaintop, we have to accept that with western society’s many advantages, there are also prices we must pay. But in areas where we do have a choice, are we always choosing what is best for us when we can?

For instance, even little things such as drinking water from a plastic bottle on a hot summer day when all the toxins from the plastic are released into the water …how many times did you decide to go ahead and chug it all down? Did you ever make that choice again after tasting the plastic in your mouth? Most of us would never consider eating plastic, but for some reason many of us continue to drink it and even serve it to our children, handing out plastic water bottles until the supply runs out.Then we run out and buy cases of more. How do you think the cell mutation starts in first place?
Another important thing to consider is why we would rather throw out food that we cooked ourselves 6 days before, yet we continue to eat factory processed and packaged food with a 6‐monthshelf life? Did you ever wonder how those chips stay as tasty, colorful, aromatic and crispy for entiremonths without the slightest changes? Perhaps you might want to start thinking about how a longershelf life could also mean a shorter human life?

Did you know that all those fun colorful foods your kids eat are colored with chemicals? Why do we trust food companies more than we want to protect our children’s very lives? How is it that we trustthese companies at all when we live in a world that allows them to sell us things,labeled with “this can kill you” warnings? Let’s use cigarettes as the perfect “this can kill you” product example.
How many times have you looked right at the label and still proceeded to light up a cigarette? There is doubt that smoking is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome on your own and maybe a
death threat isn’t even enough to kick start your own effort. But there are more and more effective methods proving to help more people every day. Why choose to try one of those methods instead oftrying your luck each time you choose the one option that will kill you? If the label says, “it can kill you,” then it’s only a matter of when you will prove it to be right.

Are you aware of the fact that you are consuming too much animal protein and sugar? When was thelast time you ate natural, fresh foods for an entire day? An entire week? Not packaged, not cooked, and not processed; just as fresh as when they were picked from the farm… You may not remember but surely your digestive organs might. If you feel bloated or find yourself experiencing more frequent heartburn, consider it your body telling you, “ I can’t digest what you eat, I’m backed up andneed to be cleaned out!” Or are we so detached from ourselves, we can’t even hear the cries from inside?

Did you know that what we put under our tongue goes into our bloodstream faster than by swallowing it? If anyone knows that, it sure hasn’t stopped us from brushing our teeth with chemical,colored, fluoride toothpastes twice daily, throughout our entire lives!
Did you know that your daily medicine can be more toxic for your body than effectively healing it?
Before resorting to pills, did you try to solve your problem with other alternative methods – such aschanging your lifestyle, eating healthier, exercising regularly, losing weight, or detoxing? Its certainlyeasier just swallow a pill, but do you consider the side effects to be worth it? Did you know about the residues and toxins pills leave in our bodies, accumulating more the longer you take the medication?For how many years will you continue to take that pill– a lifetime? Are you willing to pay the long term price for only relieving the symptoms, instead of going deeper and solving the root cause?
By the way, when was the last time you took off your shoes and walked barefoot on soil? Our guest doctor who spoke at last month’s seminar offered recommended doing it 45 minutes a day, for people suffering from cancer. Certainly a good healing exercise to advise, but why wait to benefit from such things until we get sick? How about taking the opportunity to walk barefoot in your garden during the next conversation you have on your cell phone? How about turning your lunch breaks into opportunities to picnic outside?
How would you feel about all the plastic food and drink containers being eliminated from our lives?
How about replacing our personal care products with natural ones? Or replacing our dishwasher detergent with chemical‐free ones that don’t leave residues of chemicals in our bodies with every meal? What about using magnetic shields to prevent harmful radiation from our mobile phones or other wireless devices?
Wouldn’t it be better to eat raw organic foods, ripened to their natural colors by the sun’s warmth, absorbing that energy directly into our bodies? Why sacrifice the much‐needed healthy vitamins and enzymes to cooking? The Turkish verb to describe the initial sautéing and browning procedure for food such as chopped vegetables is “killing” (“öldürmek”). Perhaps it well defines what we are often doing to our foods?
What if we incorporate yoga and meditation into our lives, if even an hour twice a week and see how much of a difference it can make? Why exercise indoors all the time and why not get the added benefits of going to oxygen‐rich parks, even for a walk? Perhaps we should be more proactive in finding and applying more ways of relaxing and releasing stress?

For instance, what if we applied a “that too shall pass” principle to our work and personal problems More than we allow the related stress to cause us so many health problems. From acid reflux, to Back pains to teeth grinding during our sleep… what if we try to laugh more, let it go more, forgive more and love more…?
Perhaps we should realize the importance of making ourselves healthier before giving life to a child, as a child is a creation from our own bodies and we always to give our children the best. Wouldn’t it be better if we can periodically cleanse and purify our inner bodies too, as much as we clean our outer bodies? Then perhaps we wouldn’t have to wonder so often what a 3‐year‐old child might have done to cause cancer in their bodies, because less parents would be doing what they likely passed on.
If only we can realize our 30s is too early to start using drugs to regulate cholesterol and diabetes, And anyone in their 40s is far too you to be a victim of cancer – perhaps we can eventually Understand our power to take matters in our own hands and change it all for the better…
Instead of waiting for a doctor to diagnose you or a loved one with cancer in the next 5 years, how about doing something to prevent it from this very moment on…

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October 16, 2019
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