There is No Boring Life, Only Less Chocolate

There is No Boring Life, Only Less Chocolate

“There is no boring life, only less chocolate”. I never forget this sentence written on a chocolate box someone gave me. I don’t really understand people who don’t like chocolate. Who can say no to such a taste? Also as nutrition it is very precious because it is very high in magnesium, iron, vitamin C and has antioxidants 20 times more than red wine, 30 times more than green tea.

Chocolate that used to be a gift served to kings going war in ancient times now is a very harmful treat; the reason is not the cacao but the rest ingredients such as sugar, fat, milk, additives and preservatives. Unfortunately when cacao bean is heated, it looses all the nutrition it has. Even when it says on the package “%70 Chocolate”, did you ever wonder what the % 30 left is?

The core of chocolate, the cacao bean is like raw almond. Only when you peel the brown shell, you get a black bean instead of a white one. But this marvelous bean looses all nutrition when it is roasted. It is probably not surprising, me, talking about things that loose everything when cooked, on our 20th day of our Raw Food Diet.

Eating Raw doesn’t mean enjoying life! And chocolate is one of the pleasures in life. But not only in Turkey, also in world it is not easy to find raw chocolate. When your friend comes from abroad with arms full of organic chocolate, saying “Ok, we can eat these when I finish my raw diet” is not a nice answer. But unfortunately, organic chocolate doesn’t mean raw chocolate.

I can hear you saying, “world is dealing with the greatest economic crisis ever but what are you talking about”. But first of all, I remind you “Annica”. The Buddhist principle which means “everything arises and passes away”, a philosophy in every religion or culture. Even the best moment passes, isn’t it? The good passes, the bad passes. We should remind this to each other especially these days. The best investment we can do is not to stock or currency but to ourselves, to our body, mind and spirit. If you fall on an island and need to choose 3 things to take with, you can’t ever go without yourselves. The bad moments will pass at the end as the good moments. That is why we will seize the moment, “Carpe Diem” and invest our health. Raw Food Diet is one of the greatest steps on the path of health: using live and energetic foods to detox the body instead of cooked, worthless foods.

If you read my older articles, you already know eating Raw means avoiding animal proteins (I am writing again for those asking if “Raw Meat Balls are ok?”) and cooked foods; but eating vegetables, fruits, seeds and uncooked foods. I think following such a diet for 30 days is a great detoxification.

Let’s turn back to our subject: Raw chocolate! If you are living in Istanbul, the only address to get it is Saf Restaurant Akatlar. Here you can find delicious cakes, brownies, pies and ice creams made of almond milk, agave syrup, walnut etc. If you are in London, again, check two Saf restaurants there. Not only people who want to eat Raw but also people who want to be healthy, want to enjoy life while avoiding white sugar, white flour, trans fat, additives and preservatives should try it. For the ones planning to go abroad these days or want to bring gifts to ones stayed behind is one addresses you can find raw chocolate. Even looking is yummy!

But let’s say you are eating raw but couldn’t find raw chocolate, here is a very simple recipe: 2 avocados, 10 dates, 2-3 table spoons agave. First leave the dates in water whole night than in the morning take out the seeds of the smooth dates and put into blender. Add 2 peeled avocados and agave syrup (can find it at all The LifeCo shops or order online). This syrup is a juice of a Mexican cactus, low in glycemix index which means mixing into blood slowly therefore doesn’t increase the blood pressure and force pancreas. %100 natural and raw. Blend this mixture in the blender. If you have raw chocolate you may add, or you can add cinnamon powder. Put the pudding into an ice cream cup and rest it in the fridge for a while. You will fall in love with it. A very delicious, %100 raw, natural, pure desert. (We will prepare this desert in Hulya Aydin’s TV Show this week)

Bon apetite to all, go Raw

Have joyful moments, love,



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October 16, 2019
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